What we do

We support property managers through auditing fire systems, emergency lighting and common parts and undertaking remedial and/or maintenance works if needed

The audit

Fire systems and emergency lighting audits are as per the requirements of your building and in accordance with the building’s fire risk assessment. 

That can include testing of fire alarm systems, smoke ventilation and extraction systems, emergency lighting making sure fire extinguishers are located in their designated area.

Common parts audits concentrate on fire notices and signage, fire doors as well as making sure hallways are clear of any obstructions.

The audit findings

We email you on the day of the audit is undertaken to let you know if it is satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

The audit report

Not everyone wants a copy of the audit report sent to them. However, all reports are securely stored in the cloud which means you can request any or all of your audit reports should you require them.

Alternatively, we can email you a copy of the audit on the day it is undertaken or email you a bundle of audits monthly, three monthly or a time period that suits you.

Remedial works and equipment installations

We offer remedial works and equipment installation works as required. We can provide a quotation for any works or equipment installations required at your property.